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Computing Vision Statement

Our goal is to provide children with experiences to raise their aspirations, improve their health and celebrate diversity within the community. Through computing, we will encourage children to explore how they can raise their aspirations, by exposing them to a wide range of technologies which will help prepare them for the jobs of the future. We will encourage children to investigate how they can celebrate diversity through technology, especially through the internet. Finally, we will encourage children to discuss why it is important for their mental health to understand how to be safe online.


Technology, specifically computing, is a fundamental part of our children’s lives. Our aim is to ensure that every child is prepared for a digital world by ensuring they have the opportunities to work with, and apply their knowledge of, technology across the curriculum. As such, this will ensure that children will leave our school able to use a variety of technology; safely, confidently and purposefully.

To ensure children can apply their knowledge of computing across the curriculum, the children will cover the following strands in their lessons:

  • Computer science: Children will explore how to write simple computing instructions (algorithms) and will understand that these need to be accurate. This will allow them to use logical reasoning to explain how algorithms work and how to correct any errors they come across. The children will achieve this through programs such as Scratch and Logo.

  • Information Technology: Children will explore the opportunities computing can offer with regards to communication and collaboration. They will also develop an understanding of how to evaluate digital content, allowing them to make confident choices about how they use it. 

  • Digital Literacy (Online Safety): Children will learn how to use technology safely and responsibly, including how they use online platforms such as the internet, social media and games consoles. They will understand how to recognise inappropriate content and behaviour and be taught the importance of talking to someone they trust if things go wrong online.  

The computing curriculum will ensure that all children will have developed the knowledge, skills and understanding to help them use technology in a safe, creative and expressive way.