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Geography Vision Statement

If each person could have their own house, a large garden to cultivate and healthy surroundings - then, I thought, there will be for them a better opportunity of a happy family life.'                                                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             George Cadbury


Geography allows children to explore the world that they live in and our aim is to ensure children develop a curiosity and fascination with the world, and the people who live in it, that will inspire them for the rest of their lives.  Our curriculum supports children to connect to a diverse range of people and places so as to develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with our world and aspire to make it a better place for everyone. The Year 1 geography curriculum starts with a local geography study so children have the opportunity to understand their place in the world, before they begin to develop this understanding further. 


As they progress through school, children build on their geographical  and fieldwork skills, to enable them to collect, analyse and communicate  geographical information in a variety of ways. They study physical and human features of the world, such as mountains and weather, and an understanding of how these can change over time. A range of comparison studies, enable children to apply prior knowledge and deepen their understanding. In lessons, children use a range of sources and equipment, including maps, atlases, globes, aerial photos, compasses and ICT. 


The golden thread throughout our whole curriculum is the intent to improve health, raise aspirations and promote diversity.



Michael Palin, ‘You can travel the seas, poles and deserts and see nothing. To get to know the world, you need to get under the skin of the people and places.'