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History Vision Statement

The one phantom thread running through the forest of my story, is 'Who Am I?'  Lenny Henry  


Our aim is to inspire children's curiosity about the past, challenge their own perspectives, develop an understanding of their own place in history and ultimately develop a love of this subject. Through a diverse range of periods and topics, we equip children to ask perceptive questions about the past, think critically, weigh evidence and develop their understanding of various methods of inquiry; including how evidence is used to make historical claims and to construct interpretations of the past.


Our history curriculum operates using a low to high resolution. This means that Year 1 explore periods, events and people through a low resolution lens, enabling them to develop  a broad understanding. They do this under the umbrella topics of Heroes (Spring Term) and Jobs (Summer Term). When the children get to Year 6, they are engaged in a high resolution study. Here their learning is magnified and as historians they draw on knowledge and understanding from previous topics they have studied, which accumulates in a final enquiry based learning project. 


Autumn term starts with an whole school immersive topic on WW2. This was chosen as the most recent significant historical event that has impacted on the way that our children, and their families, live their lives today.


The golden thread throughout our whole curriculum is the intent to improve health, raise aspirations and promote diversity.


Marcus Garvey,  'A people without a knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.',