You will need: Swim bag, Towel, Swimming Costume (Girls), Swimming Trunks (Boys), long hair in a bun, no jewellery


Swimming is a curriculum subject.  Everyone should have the opportunity to learn to swim.  At Woods Bank our swimming teachers, Miss T Dawes (Sports/PE Co-ordinator) and Miss H Welding (KS2 Teacher) are not only dedicated to ensure all of our pupils learn to swim safely but are also fully trained qualified swimming instructors with the Swimming Teachers Association (STA).

Our lessons take place at Palfrey Junior Primary in Walsall.  Palfrey's pool is an excellent place to take children as it is clean, well maintained and has a child friendly atmosphere, thus pupils seem to be more calm and relaxed.

Palfrey's swimming pool (click on the pictures below to enlarge)

Palfrey's Swimming Pool