Sex & Relationship Education

SRE and the law:

The Education Act 1996, as amended by the Learning and Skills Act 2000, requires headteachers and governing bodies to have regard to national guidance on Sex and Relationships Education in schools and to protect children from unsuitable teaching and materials.

Under the Children Act 2004 schools have a duty to promote the well-being of their pupils and good quality SRE contributes to this duty. Ofsted carries out subject inspections for PSHE and draws attention to the correlation between outstanding schools and effective PSHE programmes.

SRE topics should be taught through the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum Science Orders, which are mandatory for all primary and secondary age students, and through well-planned Personal, Social Health and Economic (PSHE) education. The National Curriculum Framework Document (2013) states that: ‘All schools should make provision for personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE), drawing on good practice. Schools are also free to include other subjects or topics of their choice in planning and designing their own programme of education.'

All schools must provide an up-to-date SRE policy that describes the content and organisation of SRE provided outside NC Science. It is the responsibility of school governors to ensure that the policy is developed and made available to parents/carers for inspection. Special schools and middle schools may need to make separate arrangements for primary school aged pupils. Parents/carers have the right to withdraw their children from all or some of the SRE provided outside of the National Curriculum. Schools need to make clear to parents and carers in their SRE policy the existing procedures for requesting a pupil is withdrawn from SRE and explain what arrangements will be made for the pupil who is withdrawn. It is a good idea to encourage parents to visit the school to discuss their concerns. Quite often, when parents review the materials and aims of the lessons they realise there is no need to withdraw their child from SRE.

What we teach in school?

Curriculum Overview

Reception, Our Lives- our day, keeping ourselves clean, families.

Year 1, Growing and Caring for Ourselves- keeping clean, growing and changing, families and care.

Year 2, Differences- differences (boys and girls), differences (make and female), naming the body arts.

Year 3, Valuing Difference and Keeping Safe- differences (male and female), personal space, family differences.

Year 4, Growing Up- growing and changing, what is puberty?, puberty changes and reproduction.

Year 5, Puberty- talking about puberty, male and female changes, puberty and hygiene.

Year 6, Puberty, Relationships and Reproduction- puberty and reproduction, understanding relationships, conception and pregnancy, communication in relationships.


If you would like any further information about what we teach at Rough Hay please speak to your child's class teacher.