At Woods Bank Academy we believe that our curriculum should be imaginative and inspiring. Maths and English skills are taught discretely and all other subjects are taught through the theme.

Prospectus offers schools the opportunity to be both creative and thematic in its delivery.

Each year group can choose from six different themes focused mainly around a key area of history or geography but including meaningful links to all foundation subjects.

Themes such as ‘Meet the Flintstones’ (Year 3), provides an exciting and engaging context for covering the statutory chronological elements of the new curriculum.

Themes such as ‘The Great War’ (Whole School Theme), and ‘Wonder Women’ (Year 2) reflect the history and traditions of the school and its community.

The creative curriculum work shows real evidence of extended purposeful cross-curricular writing and children are given opportunities to apply their English skills in a range of contexts.

The quantity as well as quality of pupils work is a good measure of success – developing stamina for writing and recording in maths are important skills for pupils.

We also ensure that the curriculum encourages the use and application of digital media/IT skills.

For each theme, there is an activity to launch the new theme to excite and engage children.

At the end of each theme, there is a celebration activity in which children celebrate their learning and share it with others.

We believe that the curriculum work should be celebrated and the best examples of pupils skills, not only through pupils theme books, also through high quality cross-curricular classroom, corridor and entrance hall displays, drama and assemblies should be shared with the school and wider community.

Pride and quality presentation of pupils own work should be central to the learning ethos.