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Lunchtimes are where children gain valuable social development, develop friendships and social networks with peers and participate in social and play activities. All lunchtime staff at Woods Bank are dedicated to making lunchtimes a positive experience for children from Nursery to Year 6.

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School Sport Organising Crew (SSOC)

The Sports Crew is made up of 10 Year 2 - 6 children. Not only are they chosen for their interest or talent in a sport but also for their communication and organising skills. They interact with children on KS1 and KS2 on a rota basis during lunchtimes.

Furthermore, School Games Crews are there to ensure that lunchtime activities and sports meet the needs of the young people in their school. Their responsibilities will include...

  • Working with Miss T Dawes to improve games and activities provided on a lunchtime and Promote the Spirit of the games values

  • Organising a survey to find out what young people think of sport in their school.

  • Organising games/activities and demonstrating on how to play the game and to respect the rules of a game.

  • Reporting back to fellow students at the end of the year on what improvements have been or are going to be made.

  • Holding an assembly to inform all pupils and staff on what they do.

  • Helping with various sports events.

As well as improving the School Games these tasks will also help to develop important life and future employability skills for the students involved.

In addition to our lunchtime staff there are Sports coaches from Complete Kidz, providing innovative activities that are fun, healthy and educational – using both sport and performing arts to keep children active and entertained during lunchtimes on KS2.

KS1 Playground

Boasting a new play tower and a challenging play environment which inspires endless possibilities for imaginative play. The various platforms provide play for the more adventurous to the less confident individual.
Playleaders - Mrs K Butler and Miss L Baggott are on KS1/2 playground during lunchtimes to provide activities and interact with pupils.

KS2 Playground

New - Quiet Area

We think it is important that children have a choice to take time out to socialise, build friendships and relax in an area away from the physical activities side of a playground. Our new area allows this by installing a gazebo situated off the playground. It has picnic tables with built in traditional board games for Chess, Draughts, Snakes and Ladders and Naughts and Crosses.

This area also provides shade in the summer and an area where children can read and be creative with various arts and craft activities.

KS2 Playground

  • Our field boasts two 5/7 a-side pitches which are marked out through winter and summer. We have wheeled heavy duty goals provided by the Sports Premium Funding. All of the children benefit from these pitches for PE, lunchtime and after school activities.
  • Two Rounders pitches are also situated on KS2 field. The markings for these pitches are re-done throughout the summer.
  • Tennis is a popular pastime played by all during lunchtime, even the lunchtime staff enjoy a game of tennis.
  • Traditional games like skipping, hopscotch and hula hoop provide children with a physical activity and a fun way of keeping fit and healthy.
  • Basketball and netball are especially popular activities during lunchtime.
  • Playground markings provide extra activities where children can be creative by making up their own games without using equipment.
  • An 8 lane running track is marked out during the summer terms for running, relay and skipping races during lunchtimes and also for Sport's Day.
  • Our new playground markings also encourage imaginative play.