At Woods Bank Academy, we want children to be happy, confident, healthy and independent individuals with a love for learning.  We believe in providing all children with a safe and stimulating environment that builds on each individual’s needs and interests. We aim to build strong partnerships with families to create an open and welcoming environment and we encourage respect for everyone and for the world around us.

Children have the opportunity to learn through play. Learning is engaging and challenging to raise aspirations. We aim to foster a sense of awe, wonder and develop natural curiosity so all children enjoy learning in and out of school. We value the importance of our outdoor environment and believe that it offers children the opportunity to develop their thinking and problem solving skills. Adults are role models for learning. We aim to develop language acquisition and oracy by providing high quality interactions.

We want the best possible start for all our children by teaching them skills and providing experiences which will ensure their well-being now and success in the future.

Our Curriculum Goals

EYFS Nursery
EYFS Reception