Meet Our Staff

All the staff are committed to providing a safe and friendly learning environment for all. They believe every single child can achieve. Below, you will find our staff deployment for the 2021 - 2022 academic cycle.


Executive Principal:

Mr P. Edgerton


Miss N. Berkeley

Vice Principal:

Mrs L. Bayliss

SENDCO & Deputy Safeguarding Lead:

Mrs E. Haldron

EYFS & Y1 Lead:

Nursey Apple

Mrs K. Williams

Reception Olive:

Miss Southall

Year 1 Fir:

Mrs Wilkinson

Year 3 Pine:

Mrs Croghan

Year 5 Chestnut:

Mrs Hadley

Assistant Principal:

Mrs L. Kennedy

Y2 & Y3 Lead & Year 2 Elm:

Mrs L. Hinton

Parent Support Advisor & Safeguarding Lead:

Mrs J. Elwell

Reception Cherry:

Mrs Bourne

Year 2 Beech:

Miss Lopez

Year 4 Birch:

Mrs Hendley-Smith

Acting Assistant Principal:

Mrs E. Burgess

Y4 Y5 & Y6 Lead &

Year 5 Maple:

Mrs D. Perry

Pastoral Learning Mentor & Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mrs M. Lucas

Year 1 Willow:

Mrs Key

Year 3 Sycamore:

Miss Gill

Year 4 Ash:

Mrs Peach

Year 6 Oak: Mrs Tuckley

Year 6 Juniper: Mrs Ormes

ICT Lead Practitioner: Miss Kausar

Teacher: Mrs Morgan (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Teacher: Mrs Gregory

Phonics Teacher: Mrs Piddock

Teaching Assistants

Nursery Apple: Mrs Moule

Reception Olive: Mrs Fergusson

Reception Cherry: Miss Baker

Year 1 Willow:Mrs Daniels / Mrs Clines

Year 1 Fir: Mr Evans

Year 2 Beech: Mrs Fletcher

Year 2 Elm: Mrs Geer

Year 3 Sycamore: Mrs Shaw

Year 3 Pine: Mrs Longdon

Year 4 Birch: Miss Hunt

Year 4 Ash: Mrs Pitcher

Year 5 Chestnut: Miss Hewitt

Year 5 Maple: Mrs Botfield

Year 6 Oak: Mrs Banks

Year 6 Juniper: Miss Smith

Teaching Assistant: Miss Richards (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Teaching Assistant: Miss Taylor

Teaching Assistant: Mr Nazem

Sports Coach: Mr Wycherley

Administration Staff

Office Manager and PA to the Principal: Miss Shuker

Administrative Assistant: Miss Dean

Senior Finance Officer: Mrs Lawley

Finance Manager: Mrs Hobart

Operations Manager: Mr Cook

ICT Strategic Manager: Mr Moles

Cleaning & Site Staff

Site Manager: Mr Spittle

Cleaner: Mrs Beards

Cleaner: Miss Potts

Cleaner: Mrs Cox

Cleaner: Mrs Butler

Cleaner: Mrs Thornes

Kitchen Staff

Catering Manager: Mr Bouchenbouch

Deputy Catering Manager: Ms Taphouse

Deputy Catering Manager: Miss Ensor

Kitchen Assistant: Mrs Dickin

Lunchtime Supervisor

Lead Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Newman

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Butler

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Thornes

Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Smith

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Baggott

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Winstanley

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Keenan

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mr Jenvey

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Garrington

Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Wilkes

Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Green