All the staff are committed to providing a safe and friendly learning environment for all. They believe every single child can achieve. Below, you will find our staff deployment for the 2022 - 2023 academic cycle.

Executive Principal:

Mr P Edgerton


Miss N Berkeley

Vice Principal

Mrs L Bayliss

Parent Support Advisor & Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Elwell

EYFS & Y1 Lead

Nursey Apple

Mrs K Williams


Alice Davis

Year 2 Elm

Mrs L Wilkinson

Year 4 Birch

Mrs E Croghan

Year 3 Pine

Mrs H Hadley

Year 6 Oak

Jonathan Adams

Teaching Assistant

Natalie Brown

Teaching Assistant

Karen Morris

Phonics Teacher

Mrs Piddock

EYFS Teaching Assistant

Miss Baker

Year 2 Beech

Miss Fletcher

Year 3 Pine

Mrs Longdon

Year 5 Chestnut

Miss Hewitt

Teaching Assistant

Miss Smith

Teaching Assistant

Mr Nazem

Administrative Assistant

Miss K Dean

Operations Manager

Mr Cook


Mrs Beards

Assistant Principal

Mrs L Kennedy

Y2 & Y3 Lead

Year 2 Elm

Mrs L Hinton

Reception Cherry

Mrs R Bourne

Year 2 Beech

Miss R Lopez

Year 1 Willow

Mrs L Hendley-Smith

Year 5 Maple

Mrs Ormes

EYFS Teacher

Mrs Morgan

Nursery Apple

Mrs Moule

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Clines


Mrs Daniels

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Geer

Teaching Assistant

Miss Hunt

Teaching Assistant

Miss Hewitt

Teaching Assistant

Miss Richards (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Sports Coach

Mr Wycherle

Senior Finance Officer

Mrs D Lawley

ICT Strategic Manager

Mr Moles


Miss Potts


Mrs E Haldron

Y4 Y5 & Y6 Lead

Year 3 Pine

Mrs D Perry

Pastoral Learning Mentor & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs M Lucas

Year 3 Sycamore

Miss J Gill

Year 5 Chestnut

Mrs J Peach

Year 4 Ash

Mrs Tuckley


Mrs Gregory

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Fergusson

(currently on maternity leave)

Teaching Assistant

Mr Evans

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Shaw

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Pitcher


Mrs Banks

Teaching Assistant

Miss Taylor

Office Manager and PA to the Principal

Miss M Shuker

Finance Manager

Mrs H Hobart

Site Manager

Mr S Spittle


Mrs Cox

Cleaner: Mrs Butler

Cleaner: Mrs Thornes

Kitchen Staff

Catering Manager: Mr Bouchenbouch

Deputy Catering Manager: Ms Taphouse

Deputy Catering Manager: Miss Ensor

Kitchen Assistant: Mrs Dickin

Lunchtime Supervisor

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Butler

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Thornes

Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Smith

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Baggott

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Winstanley

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Keenan

Lunchtime Supervisor: Mr Jenvey

Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Wilkes

Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Green